Welcome to the MapStream for Schools Help pages, please use the sections below to find information and help on accessing and using MapStream for Schools. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact the EDINA Helpdesk

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about MapStream for Schools.

About MapStream for Schools

MapStream for Schools is a web service that provides a stack of Ordnance Survey digital maps, at a range of scales, to stream directly into GIS software.
MapStream for Schools provides 6 Ordnance Survey digital mapping products. Included are digital versions of Ordnance Survey's popular Explorer and Landranger maps. OS MasterMap® maps, Great Britain's most detailed mapping, including building outlines, pavement edges, walls and fences, house numbers, ground cover (and much more) and road atlas style maps are also included.
Most of the maps will be updated throughout the year as updates are made available to EDINA from Ordnance Survey. The most detailed mapping will be updated annually around September.
MapStream for Schools offers the modern OS digital maps, but is purely for use in a GIS. Further information can be found on the About page.

Accessing MapStream for Schools

To access MapStream for Schools maps you wil require an internet connection and specific software that can understand the Web Mapping Service (WMS) standard for delivering digital map data online. Most web and desktop GIS software support this standard. Google Earth can be used to access and view MapStream for Schools maps. Desktop GIS software such as QGIS can also be used. More help can found on the Getting Started and What is GIS? help pages.
Firstly, your school must subscribe to MapStream for Schools in order to access the service. Once your school has subscribed, the specified contact will receive an unique API key, which is a code that is made up of a random string of letters and numbers. This API key must then be appended to a basic URL and inserted in the appropriate part of the GIS software. The GIS software will then connect with the MapStream for Schools server and stream the maps into your software. Help can be found on the Getting Started help page.
If you have lost your API key, please contact the EDINA Helpdesk at edina.geo@ed.ac.uk

How to subscribe

A 12-month subscription for a primary school costs £35, and for a secondary school it costs £50. This enables any staff or student of the school to access MapStream for Schools at school, home or anywhere else (providing you have an internet connection) for 12 months. There are no limits to how many people access MapStream for Schools at the same time or throughout the year.
All schools in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are eligible to subscribe to MapStream for Schools. This includes all state-funded schools, primary, secondary and middle schools, Sixth Form Colleges, independent schools, special schools and academies. European Schools and British Forces Overseas schools are excluded.
To subscribe your school needs to complete a subscription form online and to pay the appropriate fee for a 12-month subscription. Go to the Subscription Portal and complete the online form. Once your subscription request has been received, you will be emailed an invoice, access details and a licence document. If you need help completing the subscription forms online please contact edina.geo@ed.ac.uk.
When your school subscribes to MapStream for Schools, you are purchasing a one off 12-month subscription. When your school’s subscription is coming to an end, your school’s contact will be sent an email with an invitation to renew and subscribe to another 12-months of access. Your subscription will not be automatically renewed.

Terms of Use

MapStream for Schools must not be used for activities unrelated to pupil teaching and learning, for example Parent Teacher Association activities or use by community groups based at the school.

Limited external use, for example producing a map to show the school location, however is permitted provided it is within the conditions set out in the Terms of Use.
Yes, access to MapStream for Schools by staff and students is permitted at home for educational purposes. Access is not permitted for any family of staff and students from subscribing schools.
Each teacher is responsible for ensuring the Terms of Use are adhered to. You can read these on the Terms of Use section of the Help Pages. If you become concerned that your school is breaching the Terms of Use please talk in the first instance to the named teacher contact at your school.
You must display the following statement on all copies of the mapping data from MapStream for Schools:

Ordnance Survey © Crown Copyright and Database Right [20yy]*

* where 20yy is the year the maps were created.
The full Terms of Use can be found here.

Finding Help

For help with MapStream for Schools please contact the EDINA Helpdesk at edina.geo@ed.ac.uk or 0131 650 3302.