Use Case 1 - Harbour Regeneration Plans

interface screengrab

interface screengrab

We used MapStream for Schools primarily in the context of an A level pre-release exam paper that took place in January. It was about evaluating the likely impact of the harbour regeneration plans on Poole. The Advance Information Booklet included a map of 18 SOAs in the Poole area and some associated census data.

We wanted students to be able to map this data in class to become familiar with the topography of the area and then to be able to use it at home, along with other spatial data and information that we could access. For example, we asked Poole Borough Council for traffic survey data and we wanted students to map this and predict the likely impact on access and traffic of the new Twin Sails Bridge, part of the harbour regeneration scheme.

The images below show MapStream for Schools being used in Quantum GIS (a free, user friendly GIS) in class as base mapping for the SOA bondaries and the traffic survey points at two scales. This enabled our traffic data to be located at the correct points on the road network.

Students could also download their own boundary data for Ramsar, SPA and SSSI sites mentioned in the Advance Information Booklet from the Natural England website and census data from the ONS website and overlay this onto MapStream for Schools mapping at home, so enabling them to judge the proximity of sensitive sites to the bridge development. Having access to GIS at home in this way gave our students a far better insight into the area and some of the isssues than would have been the case if they had simply used static resources and was, we felt, extremely successful.